Welcome to the official blog of Anthony Davis

Welcome to my official blog. (A blend of the word web-log, apparently). 

Here you will find weekly musings on the British way of life. Political, social and civil issues, matters of real life, health and heart. You can reply and respond. Hopefully the themes will make you think, laugh, cry, and contact your local council to request a rebate.

Following in the success of Martin’s Money Saving Tips, my blog will aim to offer advice, tips and tricks on how to negotiate the modern world, without falling victim to consumerism. It’s an online conversation, giving us both an opportunity to vent.

I’ve much to say, and plenty of time with which to say it. So please follow this blog, hold on to the Twitter thing and anything else I can extricate from the internet for free for your entertainment.

Here’s to the rest of our lives….